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“Michael and I associated and tried to jury a difficult case together. The case settled favorably mid trial. Michael’s trial skills were excellent and he was tenacious in uncovering facts to support our client’s case. I would recommend him unconditionally to any client.” Attorney Michael Pfau

“I am a trial consultant with over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of attorneys. I had the pleasure of working with Michael recently. I observed him apply himself as a relentlessly dedicated and tireless advocate for his client, resulting in a very successful outcome. You can count on Michael to be an authentic, caring attorney who will respond to the challenges when the going gets tough.” Alan J. Cohen, Ph.D., Jury Insights, Seattle

“My experience with Michael Kolker in a complex malpractice lawsuit was very good. From the beginning to a satisfactory conclusion, Mr. Kolker was clear and accurate about what to expect at every step and making sure I understood the strategy for the case and had whatever input I wished. I was impressed by his attention to detail and strong commitment to pursuing a best solution for me.” JB

“I was very reassured by the genuine understanding and compassion that Michael Kolker brought to my lawsuit. I always felt he was committed to me personally and was a vigorous advocate on my behalf. Mr. Kolker kept me fully informed throughout the case and made me feel involved and respected. That all was very important in helping me feel supported and confident about dealing with a difficult legal situation in which I had no knowledge or experience. I am happy to recommend him to anyone.” SE