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Therapist and Psychiatric Malpractice Abuse

When someone decides to begin therapy, they may be going through the most difficult time in their life. They may be depressed or suffering grief from the loss of a loved one. They may have problems with their work or relationship with their spouse, children or partner.

A person who begins therapy literally puts their mental and emotional health in the hands of the therapist. All therapy patients are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by their therapist or psychiatrist.

Therapists and psychiatrists have Rules of Ethics that they are required to know and follow which prohibits them from using the inherent power they have over their patients in an inappropriate, illegal manner.

All therapy patients have the right to expect that their therapist will use their efforts solely for their benefit. Therapists who take advantage of their patient in a sexual, social or financial way can cause their patient to suffer tremendous mental and emotional harm. The patient’s family and loved ones may also suffer as a result of the harm done to the patient, and may also have a right to pursue legal action.

The patient who is victimized by this kind of abuse often blames themselves for the abuse by the therapist. They may also feel guilty for not recognizing the abuse sooner. However, therapist malpractice and exploitation is never the fault of the patient.

Seattle Attorney Michael Kolker has experience representing patients in Seattle, King County, Snohomish County, and Statewide, who have been the victims of sexual, financial, or emotional exploitation and abuse by their therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist. If you or a loved one has been the victim of Therapist Abuse, turn to an experienced local law firm: Michael Kolker Law.  Call Now: (206) 464-1761, or fill out the email box on our Contact Us page.